If your business requires a building that is free from interior obstructions and has plenty of wide open space, a clearspan structure may be just what you need. Clearspan’s arched metal truss design allows for structures as wide as 300′ (that’s the length of a football field!). The structures can be covered in fabric or metal, depending on your needs, and serve as excellent facilities for a host of industries.

Miller Construction & Equipment has the industry knowledge and experience to design and construct your clearspan building with the highest structural integrity and to conform to all building codes and ordinances.

Visit us at 276 W. M-55 about four miles east of West Branch or call (989) 345-2499 to inquire about a clearspan structure for your farm or business.


The versatility afforded in both design and use of clearspan structures make them an economical and durable facility options for a host of industries, including:

  • Agriculture / Farming
    • Dairy Buildings
    • Feed Storage
    • Equipment Storage
  • Athletic
    • Arenas
    • Recreational Facilities
    • Training Facilities
  • Aviation
    • Airplane Hangers
    • Aircraft Storage
    • Airport Repair Facility
    • Equipment Storage
  • Equestrian
    • Riding Arenas
    • Horse Barns / Stables
  • Commercial / Industrial
    • Distribution Center
    • Manufacturing Facility
    • Warehouse Facility
    • Equipment Storage
  • Event / Entertainment
    • Music / Concert Venues
    • Trade Shows / Conventions
  • Government / Municipalities
    • Recycling Centers
    • Equipment Storage
    • Public Works Facilities
  • Marine / Watercraft
    • Winter Boat Storage
    • Boat Repair Facilities