Boat Storage


Boat storage out-buildings are generally constructed with three configurations in mind:

  • Canopy Style – simply a roof with open sides.
  • Manger Style – a roof with three enclosed sides.
  • Completely Enclosed – similar to a warehouse.

At face value, canopy or manger styles may seem like less expensive options, however, these must be constructed to accommodate for wind shear that completely enclosed buildings don’t experience; this often requires deeper footings and additional structural reinforcements that add to overall cost.

Another key consideration when choosing the type of boat storage you would like constructed is researching how your local tax authority assesses each style. Out-building that aren’t completely enclosed are often assessed differently than those that are; this might affect your tax assessment. We have the industry knowledge needed to advise you in all decisions from initial consultation through project completion.


Minnesota may be known as the “land of lakes,” but we Michiganders know that moniker truly belongs to Michigan. Where there are lakes there will be boats, and in a state that essentially has about 6-7 months of winter, those boats need plenty of storage.

If you are looking to construct a commercial boat storage facility or expand an existing one, Miller Construction & Equipment possesses the needed industry knowledge and experience to design and construct a facility for your unique boat storage market. Whether you typically house small sport crafts for weekend vacationers or large luxury yachts, we will work closely with you to design and construct a facility that accommodates your needs.

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